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2008-02-04 18:30:59 by Imn

The complete song "Chasing Blue Stars" is being submitted to NG this Friday. It is 99% complete; just a few minor tweaks and the trance track will be ready for debut. It will be the last full song of my own I will submit to NG in high-quality; later productions will be posted on Myspace.

I have a couple of other songs currently in production, and I even have a cover of one of the singles. I will include the picture (which includes the song name) in a later news post. Also worthy of note is the fact that I am collaborating with some fellow members of NG. There is no word yet on what the projects will consist of, but I am certain that they will be killer tracks once completed.

Stay tuned for the release of "Chasing Blue Stars," and I hope you enjoy!


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