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"Chasing Blue Stars" Released, "Sonica" Upcoming

2008-02-08 18:39:47 by Imn

The final release of "Chasing Blue Stars" has been submitted today. You can listen to it by clicking here. The epic track features deep aspects of trance music including heavy reverb, some build-ups, and great-sounding synths, with a long intro and outro -- great for inserting into a non-stop mix with a clean transition. I kindly ask that you leave some feedback and that you vote reasonably. All comments are viewed and considered by myself. In addition, I will return the favor by leaving feedback on any of your submissions, should you have any.

In other news, my new single "Sonica" is in the works. I have little information to give at this very moment, but I will say it is a techno track with some aspects of trance -- my specialty. It should be no more than a month before it is released. While it will be submitted here at Newgrounds, it will be of lower quality. A high-quality version will be available at at the same time.

Until then, enjoy my new release in which many hours have been spent to satisfy your ears.

"Chasing Blue Stars" Released, "Sonica" Upcoming


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2008-02-08 19:00:24

Funky beat. Nice!

Imn responds:

It's trance. =P


2008-02-09 06:09:59

*Cool beat*

(I like the word funky) :P

Imn responds:

I take it that you liked it then. =)